You know instinctively this isn’t going to be easy, don’t you.

But everyone who truly has the best interests of children at heart needs to make a start.  It’s probably best to start small and then continue working toward your ultimate goal.  And that means doing everything in your power to ensure that your children enjoy a long, healthy, vibrant life.

Let’s start by laying some groundwork. 

The first thing to always bear in mind is that you should always strive to put love into every bit of food you prepare or buy for your children.  This is key to everything you do, the underpinning that will empower you to accomplish your goals.  When you approach food preparation with this thought firmly in mind, it becomes ever more difficult to prepare or buy food we know is harmful to our family.

Second, each of us realizes, even though we often fail to acknowledge it, that there are several things which will make cutting back and eventually eliminating our children’s junk food intake.  Obviously, the example we set is crucial.  No children are going to be willing to forego junk food while watching their parents eat it.

Sugar: Eliminate This ONE Ingredient and Watch Your Health Soar   If you only read one Webpage about sugar, this is about as good as you’ll find.

And equally important to admit to ourselves is that it’s next to impossible to pass up such food if it’s within easy reach. It’s far too addictive.  We all know how unwise it is to go food shopping when we’re hungry.  So that’s a relatively easy thing to fix.  (Experts on wholesome food diets stress that all of your supermarket purchases should be made from the perimeter of the store–the produce, dairy, and meat sections–avoiding all of the processed and junk food shelved in the interior aisles.)

It’s also a challenge not to be influenced by advertising, which the big food companies spend millions of dollars to make as attractive and alluring as possible.  (One solution is to replace cable/satellite subscriptions with streaming services such as Netflix which contain no advertising–and which are far less expensive.)

To overcome sugar addiction, many turn to Sherry Strong, who was at one time a major sugar addict, as the UnSugar Mama.  Learn the truth from her series of short, four-or-five-minute YouTube videos, such as Effects of Sugar on the Body.  Because of the difficulties many people face in weaning themselves off sugar, she has a 60-day instructional and supportive program.  Part of the program deals with helping you discover the deeper causes that can lead a person to become addicted to anything.  (She also provides a free 7 Day Eat Less Sugar Challenge for those who don’t feel ready to turn their backs completely on what some nutritionists rightly call The White Death.  However, if you are serious about keeping or reclaiming your health, eliminating sugar and high-fructose corn syrup is the single most important step you can take!

Dr. Josh Axe has a seven-minute video on how to overcome your sugar cravings, and Vani Hari has the Food Babe 7-Day Sugar Detox program. There is also the Conquering Sugar program from the Grow Network‘s Marjory Wildcraft, as well as her free 7-Day Sugar Challenge.

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How to Address the Crisis of Childhood Obesity

Tell Your Teen the Truth About Junk Food “Letting teenagers know they’re being manipulated by food marketers may be a deceptively simple way to encourage healthier eating [according to a study from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business].  Students who read an exposé that revealed the manipulative practices used by marketing companies chose to eat less junk food and drink more water instead of soda.

“[And they] chose healthier foods for the remainder of the school year — a period of about three months. Teen boys, in particular, a group that’s notoriously keen on junk food, reduced their junk food intake by 31% after reading about the junk food industry, compared to those who read material on healthy eating.” 

5 Pro Tips for Raising Healthy Eaters                   


How To Stop Poisoning The Neighborhood Children On      

HalloweenHow to Decrease a Toddler’s Childhood Obesity Risk


  • Cut the pre-supper snacks. Snacks can kill an appetite, and nobody enjoys kale for the first time without being hungry first.

  • Broaden their horizons. Exposing toddlers to new foods often helps them to be more willing to try new foods later in life, expanding their options for nutrients.

  • Be persistent. It takes about 16 “exposures” to a new food before a toddler will accept it.

  • Limit screen time. Toddlers are full of energy, and excessive screen time can prevent them from burning off the energy they need to stay healthy.

  • Remain positive. I t can be disheartening when a lovingly prepared meal is rejected instantly, but persistence and patience pay off in the end.

Familiarity with a variety of healthy foods through the early years leads children to good eating habits later                    Teaching children to grow their own food greatly reduces obesity, study finds    

Why Babies & Toddlers Hate Vegetables (and what to do about it!) Must read!!!

Here’s ANOTHER reason to reduce kids’ screen time: Social media found to negatively influence their food choices


You can’t simply turn to the chemical sugar substitutes:

From Dr. David Eifrig’s Health and Wealth Bulletin 3/29/2018 e-letter:


“Splenda is the brand name for the artificial sweetener sucralose. If you remember, we wrote about the connection between sucralose and cancer back in 2016. Now the fake sugar is the focus of a study recently presented at the Endocrine Society’s 2018 meeting.

“Researchers from George Washington University took samples of fat tissue from participants in two groups: normal weight and obese. They exposed the tissues to different levels of sucralose.

“What they saw was that the more sucralose the cells got, the more fat they wanted to create. Basically, the sucralose made the fat cells behave the same way as they did with sugar.

“This isn’t the only study to demonstrate this problem with artificial sugars. We’ve seen similar studies on other fake sugars like aspartame (Equal) and saccharin (Sweet ‘N Low). They all affect our cells the same way real sugar does. And the results are ruining our health.

“This new research also suggests that artificial sweeteners increase our chances of something called metabolic syndrome. … We know [it contributes] to type 2 diabetes, and … also increases your risk of stroke and heart attack. And obesity increases your risk of cancer, particularly liver and pancreatic cancer, as we wrote earlier this week.

“A good way to reduce your risk of getting these conditions? Cut out fake sugar.

Artificial sugars increase inflammation, fat formation, and even harm our gut microbiome. Remember, those are the bacteria in our gut that help us not only digest foods and absorb nutrients, but also monitor our immune system and mood. And because artificial sugar doesn’t contain calories, it may also trigger us to eat more food to make up for the deficit.”



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In Feeding Us Lies (pp. 100, 102-3) author Vani Hari discusses these ways to kick your sugar habit:

  • Eat at a regular time every day

  • Balance you meals

  • Introduce healthy fats

  • Use spices

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Take your mind off cravings with exercise

  • Enjoy fermented foods

  • Boost serotonin levels naturally

  • Use whole fruits to satisfy a sugar craving

  • Avoid artificial sugar substitutes

Why Do We Eat Sugar When We Know It’s Bad For Us

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Sweet Freedom Sundays – Cheat Days 

Probably the wisest words you’ll ever hear on the subject of sweets cheating in this short video from Sherry Strong

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 Creativity Can Curb Sugar Cravings



From the 7/30/2018 e-letter of Vani Hari (the Food Babe):

I’ve learned how to get my sugar cravings under control, but for most of my life, I was addicted to sugar. As a result, my health suffered a lot too. My teeth were awful, my skin was a mess, my body was inflamed, my energy was low and I was overweight.

It’s no wonder, as a 2007 study found sugar more addictive than cocaine.

Sugar skyrockets dopamine levels in your brain… giving us intense feelings of pleasure and happiness.

Before long, you’re driven to eat more and more (and more!) sugar, just to get your “fix”.

Now you’re struggling with frequent sugar cravings and withdrawal symptoms… This is how sugar and drug addiction are similar in many ways.

It’s hard to do, but one of the best things you can do for your health is limit your added sugar intake.

That’s why I challenge you to try this…

Keep a tally of all the foods you eat that have added sugar for the next 24 hours and write it down. That’s it. Don’t change your diet or think too hard about it, just write it down. …

I hope this motivates you to take a closer look at how much added sugar is in your diet and that you start to think about ways that you can rid it from your life.



Do You Have Addictive Rituals?   Dealing with the dynamics of peer pressure, sharing addictive items with friends, how to deal with such situations.


Eating sugar substantially increases your risk of osteoporosis


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Ready to quit eating added sugars? Here are 6 great things that happen if you do

From Dr. Scott Olson’s 5/14/2019 Living Well Daily e-letter about corn syrup:

I’m guessing this isn’t the first time you’ve heard that high-fructose corn syrup is terrible for you. This food additive is found in most processed foods like cookies, cakes, and even deli meats.

High-fructose causes diabetes, weight gain, inflammation, and now cancer. A new study, published in the journal Science, shows that even moderate consumption of high-fructose corn syrup — think one can of soda — accelerates the growth of intestinal cancers.

This study highlights a unique feature of cancer cells. Cancers are called “obligate sugar feeders” — which means they only grow in high-sugar environments. And high-fructose corn syrup is what cancers love.

The researchers found that sugar (from soda, cakes, candies) in the gut was directly feeding the cancers — instead of being fed from your own blood supply. This means every high-fructose meal is growing cancer.

So, one of your weapons against cancer is to cut back on sugar.

But there is a lot more you can do.

These nutrients help fight cancer:

  • Immune-boosting mushrooms: These medical mushrooms have thousands of studies that show they are helpful in boosting the immune systems, reduce the spreading of cancer cells, and increase cancer cell death.

  • Curcumin is an extract of the spice turmeric. It is anti-inflammatory and provides good antioxidant protection.

  • Fish oils are essential fatty acid that most people reading this are not getting. Make sure you supplement if you are not eating fish two to three times a week.

  • Polyphenols are phytonutrients that are found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Most people are not getting enough of these either.

  • Vitamin E, selenium, CoQ10 and astaxanthin are all powerful antioxidants that your cells need to be healthy. 

How to Stop Tooth Decay   What causes tooth decay?  You guessed right–added sugar.

When fructose (the sugar in fruits, corn, etc.) is extracted and then added to other products, the effect on blood sugar levels and insulin levels is even worse than ordinary white sugar. But If Sugar is Bad, What About Fruit?


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