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Right on. This is a problem that has afflicted the USA (and most
developed countries), for too long. Whole fruit (not juice)is
sufficient sweetness in our lives.
Wade B.
Glad to see that people are finally starting to think about better
nutrition and how it directly impacts our health. Thank you for
taking the time to aggregate this enlightening information and
encouraging people to further educate themselves on how to eat
better and improve the quality and quantity of life!
John S.

Thank you so much for this Website.  It has helped me face up to what I’ve long felt but was afraid to act on.  But I will now. Bless you!

          Tammy R.

What a great Website. You deserve some sort of Nobel prize for explaining what we all should have recognized long ago.  Keep on with your good work.

       Manny L.

I’ve REALLY learned a lot here–Thanks!  Such as how much food ads manipulate and lie to us.  And how little our pediatrician helped us when it comes to nutrition.

         Charlene H.